halo Xui

A Progressive Guideline

HALO XUI started as a unique design aesthetics since Rokid Glass. We wanted to find out a thread that could connect all the company's products, from the smart speakers to AR glasses. A unified design language can improve brand recognition, and of course, tell a story about all the products.


The eye

By the Sound

After researching all the company's product lines, we found a hidden logic behind the visual elements and interaction, yet it's never been organized systematically. The visual form of Rokid voice assistants existed since the first generation smart speaker - Alien. The eye of this restless Alien endows her a broad spectrum of expressions and transformation. Moreover, it gives us the crucial morpheme to inherit the visual identity to the following AR products.

the Story

Alien opens her eye, bridging things from her world to ours.

We want to explain the motion of virtual objects naturally. As we were focusing on the content-environment intersection, we realize the gaze, mostly exists as a circle, can seamlessly transit to the VI of our voice assistant. It is not just the cursor but serves the context to explain how things emerge from nowhere in AR.


To completed the voice assistant's personality, I introduced a language system, including text and sound. It works as an interesting easter egg for future content development and could potentially become another visual identity of the company.

Rokid Vision is a wearable MR (Mixed Reality) accessory for mobile devices. A combination of Rokid’s state-of-the-art binocular optics, computer vision, AR and AI capabilities, Rokid Vision extends existing electronic interfaces (including phones, laptops, gaming consoles and tablets), to greatly improve productivity, entertainment and gaming experiences.


The HALO XUI contains a system of visual language, and user interaction defined after years of collaborations with our industrial partners and creators. The design guideline is widely applied to our System UI, demo apps, games, and websites. Yet here we seek to see beyond the design language to the language of the new dimension. Augmented reality is here, with AI, it shows us the other side of the cyber world.

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