A Smooth Transition

As we are witnessing the paradigm shift in interaction, brought by AR and MR, I started to rethink the coming transition from smartphone to the head-worn devices. We believe early adopters need to start with something they appreciate but with unprecedented, yet more enjoyable experiences.

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is currently one of the most popular video game genres. We are sure that the new technology can reshape the game interaction thoroughly. However, in the meantime, we are more interested in how it needs to adapt, evolve, and compromise to merge with people's daily life. Then show the video game industry the potential of AR or MR to this well-established, commercial game type.



An Expanded Dimension

One of the most attractive aspects of MOBA game is the diverse hero skills and the combo when players collaborate or encounter with each other.  It's the key to the emotional connection between players and their characters. Augmented reality would strengthen that kind of intimacy with its immersion from visual, acoustic, and social aspects.

By emphasizing the vertical movements of the skill effects, I want to encourage the game developers and players to move their attention freely in a volumetric space instead of on a static planar ground.


An Anchor to The Old Time

Vision essentially acts as an extension to a mobile phone. With our DSDC(Dual Screen with Different Content) technology, the Vision turns the phone screen into an independent gamepad, and convert the whole surroundings into a canvas.

The game inherits the primary control from the traditional gamepad and touch screen. The layout renders the game control accessible for first-time players, allowing them to control without looking after a short training.

Bottom up

A New Perspective

The intentional stretch of heroes' skills guides the player to observe the game from a dynamic perspective, improve the immersion of the game and provide a new angle for game designers to reconsider the game mechanism, diversifying the gameplay, instead of making endless number tricks. Besides skills, skins may be the most welcome feature of a MOBA game. The nature of AR allows players to appreciate their virtual characters closely.

Moreover, we foresee the change of perspective may cause a tactical advancement to the gameplay when players start to move around the battlefield.


In reality, friends gather around to play premade matches. Even though they can easily communicate online, the social aspect of the MOBA game encourages players to play side-by-side. AR allows players to play with the same things at the same location and brings the social interaction back, which was long missing from video games.