Before the arrival of the Rokid Glass, the team has been working on the different subsystems. Yet, the team needed a stable platform to verify the performance, build apps, and iterate the user experience. My task was to assemble all the components and test their functionality as a whole.


Although the separate parts are functioning, the pieces of the hardware have never been assembled to become head-mounted. After installing sensors, cameras, optical engines in the right position, I redesigned and fabricated adapters, extensions, and frames to organize the rest parts of the hardware in order to keep the weight balance, functionality, and mobility.


It was a great honor to take charge of this project. The design and fabricating process allows me to have a detailed observation of the entire system of AR glasses. Working with team members with different backgrounds allows me to communicate seamlessly with the whole team throughout the journey.

The prototype served as the main development platform for all the engineering group before the company's grand product release event - Rokid Jungle on June 26th, 2018.