Augmented Reality on The Web

Project WEAVE (Web Empowered AR VR Experience) is a web-based solution for building augmented reality experiences on Rokid Vision device. With WEAVE, we can seamlessly move from 2D web to web-based AR experience.

The WEAVE utilizes the advantage of the touchpad interface fulfilled by the mobile phone and the on-board tracking device to support a 6-DOF experience with complete control.

We rebuilt the Rokid's website with WEAVE on Vison to demonstrate the capability of WEAVE. The website showcases the company's product line and allows the viewer to look around, read, and play with the products in AR.

The DSDC SDK (Dual Screen with Different Contents) turns the phone into a trackpad, enabling a wide range of interactions, such as gestures, hand-writing, cursor, and the keyboard. It allows users to complete almost all the operations while experiencing 2D and AR web.



For developers, we seek to break down the barrier and encourage them to create AR content with a minimal amount of efforts.

Thus, we made the framework compatible with Three.js and A-Frame, two of the most widely used framework for Web VR development. When developers are building contents with WEAVE, it takes care of the stereo rendering, sensor feedback, and touch event on its own without changing the way developers work. That means contents remain the same with them on the existing platform such as mobile phone, laptops, or VR. In other words, WEAVE makes it accessible to migrate any of these content into Vision and to become AR experience.